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Truth Be Told Podcast

Oct 25, 2018

In this episode, I speak and sing with Bisia Belina.  
Bisia Belina has been a Registered Massage therapist for over 30 years a singer for way more than that! She has combined both of her consuming interests and developed 
SoundBody which in essence is a stress management system that offers participants an opportunity to engage both their curiosity and rediscover their hope and enthusiasm.
Participants learn about ‘presence’ both in body, breath, movement and voice. Specific awareness patterns or skills are taught and from there you learn how to ‘compose’ yourself, both physically and emotionally.
Bisia offers workshops and classes that are body-centered and therapeutic, in that they teach people how to manage the pain that they live with and classes and workshops in expressive voice and movement arts. 
She believes that “ your body is your instrument” and that 'de-stressing your anatomy’  
de-stressing your physical, muscular,  rigging lines of tension is foundational supporting oneself.  
Sensing Anatomy: Flesh, Bones and Space workshops are about ‘How to” manage your pain and discomfort. By doing so, you get 'back in touch’. You realign, reset and reconnect with yourself. 
VocalAnatomy workshops focus on the intimate connection between body tension and voice and vocal production. Physical tension impacts emotional tension and vice versa.  Releasing the emotional content of your life thru the discipline of music, getting you to engage with your breath and find the breath that you only get when on vacation!!” that is what 
VoiceWorks and VocalBody classes and workshops focus on. They are an entry point to self-expression. Discharge the charge in your nervous system. Breath, voice and movement explorations release the pressure valve, the charge in your nervous system.
Once the breath is full and unrestricted peace of mind seems to follow …..


 Bisia Belina
 Voice & Movement Fusion SoundBodyStudio
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