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Truth Be Told Podcast

Mar 26, 2020

Each of us has something to offer in these times to help the greater good.  As our way of life changes, the task is to figure out what can be offered. what can be given freely. 

As a healer, my intuition, knowledge and support are what I most have to give.  

This episode started out as a small free online group session and expanded to recording it for expanded use in the general public.  I describe some of the basic background you might like to know to use the hypnosis with full confidence that it is for your strength, healing and highest light.

All my hypnosis sessions will give you more confidence and feelings of calm. Hypnosis is widely known to have the benefit of increasing quality sleep so even if that is all that you receive, it is a gift. 

In terms of immunity, I take you on an amazing journey to the source of your white blood cell production of Neutrophils, Macrophages, T cells, B cells and Killer Cells.  

Please share this resource so that many may benefit.

Eat nourishing food, sleep long and well, exercise every day and provide your body with positive and calm suggestions.  Even JUST being calmer is a very positive aid for your immune system.

Although this episode seems long, the first 11 minutes are the background and 36 remaining minutes are the hypnosis.  The first time, listen through the whole thing but when you repeat it (and I recommend repeating it often to create a strong patterning) skip forward to the 11 minute mark. 

I am also offering mini virtual sessions throughout this time, 30 minutes for $20, if you would like to speak with me in a more personally directed way. 

We can talk about healing a habitual pattern like touching your face, biting your nails or smoking or use the time to discuss topics such as grief, anxiety or purpose. 

Please contact me through my website, Instagram or Facebook page.

Love & Light, 



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